• Riding Viñales
    Riding Viñales

    Discovering the traditions and charms of the valley.

  • Course to the dryer
    Course to the dryer

    Experience the cultural attentions of best snuff in the world.

  • Dawn riding
    Dawn riding

    Traditional means of transport of the farmer in the valley.

  • Viñales Valley
    Viñales Valley

    A landscape to protect.

  • The Palmarito Valley
    The Palmarito Valley

    View from the cave of the Cow.

  • Natural farmer
    Natural farmer

    Snuff harvest in the Valley of the Silence.

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Welcome to the Viñales Valley, National Monument since 1979, first cultural landscape recognized by UNESCO throughout the Americas, declared a World Heritage Site in 1999 and National Park in 2001.

Who we are?                                                                          

Riding Viñales is a CONFIRMED RESERVATION  website to offers horseback riding excursions and in colonial horse-drawn carriages milot model from the year 1800 in the Viñales national park.

You will live an unforgettable experience of their trip to Cuba, with us you will discover the socio-cultural values that identify and distinguish the locals, customs and traditions. Starting from Villa el Habano in Viñales (view map in Contact us) you can enter an outstanding karst landscape hummocks formed by special uniqueness that takes visitors to places where it has survived unchanged for centuries traditional methods of agriculture and especially harvest snuff, from the creole plow made by hand by farmers to labor the land, the basin used in the processing of coffee to the traditional thatched hut you will enjoy an excursion on horseback to enable unlock the secrets our fields.

With a tour of 5 or 6 hours you can stop on the most spectacular viewpoints of the valley, visit caves inside born underground rivers that allow travelers to alleviate the Cuban heat during this time to visit Las Vegas and drying of snuff, known their cultural care, will feel the texture of your resume, if your enjoyment can enjoy a Cuban cigar from the hands of its growers and to be able to participate in the work of the farmers. The fauna will place you in a perfect setting with the singing of the birds that live in the heart of the valley, while eating a fruit found along the way or take a cane cane juice prepared by a family that still employs methods rudimentary and traditional processing. With us you will understand the charm of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Important information:                                Book here other excursions - http://www.discover-vinales.com


 Your reservation will always be a CONFIRMED RESERVATION so you only have to get to the right place Villa el Habano (view map in Contact us) to start your excursion to the time, date and the number of people declared on the voucher of the BOOKING option. No need to make additional confirmation to your reservation as always wait for you in a timely manner. Once the reservation you will receive in your email the voucher with the information you have chosen. If you can print the voucher to present to your tour guide.

We recommend starting the tour at nine in the morning (9:00 am) but you decide the departure time of your excursion, we want to help their plans at any time of day. Time recommended for the excursion 5 or 6 hours. 3 hours is the recommended minimum time for horseback riding.


We offer transportation service by taxi from Havana to Viñales for horseback riding. We can pick them up in Havana, waiting for you in Viñales during the tour and return to Havana at the end of the tour on horseback. Time of departure from Havana 7:00 am.

* Taxi price for two people - 135.00 CUC.

* Taxi price for three people - 160.00 CUC.

* Taxi price for four people - 190.00 CUC.

* If you want a taxi for more than four people please contact us and we will respond immediately.


We do not accept children under four (4) riding. We have two colonial horse-drawn carriages milot model from the year 1800 for excursions with children under 4 years and people who do not wish to ride horses.


In this season we are open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.


You will pay directly to the guide at the end of the tour, always in cash, CUC or CUP (national currency) is accepted.

You have in your hands the possibility to book directly with the guides (accessing official prices 5.00 CUC per person per hour) and not through third parties.

We are legal workers, so you have guarantees that if you do not find tours with people who act outside the law.

With us you have the guarantee reserve for any season, whether in high season of tourism or at the time of fewer tourists in Cuba.

We provide a personalized service that will guide just for you or your family.

You may decide the time of the trip, even if you booked for a certain time will be able to ride for less or more time than agreed. 3 hours is the recommended minimum time for horseback riding.

No need to present identification (passport or tourist card) for the tour, thus avoiding losses or damage thereto.

All our horses are certified by the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and meet all requirements under this entity.

Useful tips:

To meet his guide should be directed to the Villa el Habano in Viñales (view map in Contact us) official place of departure of the tour on horseback. This place has free parking.

For the tour we recommend wear closed shoes, long pants, swimsuit, hat and water bottle.

If it is your first time riding horses do not worry they are calm, all guides are well experienced in this activity.

Locate the option BOOKING and put all the information required on the voucher. Once the reservation you will receive in your email the voucher with the information you have chosen. If you can print the voucher to present to your tour guide.

Thank you for choosing our agency to discover Viñales. Best regards, Alexis, Manager Riding Viñales.


#1 August 14aghaneen 2016-08-02 08:16

I would like to see if I can book with Yubier for our horseback riding on August 14th at 3pm. Please let me know that you have received this request. We are interested in seeing the tobacco farms, rum making and caves.
thank you

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